Drainline Fizzytabs™  

Drain Maintenance and Odor Control

Without treatment, drains accumulate soap scum, fats, oils, grease, minerals and other organic material. This material causes nasty odors, and slowly builds up in the pipe, reducing the flow of water.  Most of this material is biodegradable. As the pipe size is reduced, drainage slows and backups are more common.

Drainline Fizzytabs™ contain millions of safe, natural bacteria that produce enzymes and biodegrade the soap scum, fats, oils, grease and minerals that reduce the diameter of the pipe. Drainline Fizzytabs™ will open slow drains, and prevent future buildup. Drainline Fizzytabs™ also eliminate the bad odors.

Directions - To Get Started on Slow Drains, Showers, Toilet and/or Garbage Disposals: Select a

bucket and fill with water  (2 liter, gallon or more).  Drop in ONE Drainline Fizzytab™ and watch the effervescent strength (about 2-3 min). The effervescent action will completely mix the product with the water –

NO stirring or mixing is required!  Pour some of the liquid into each drain, sink and toilet in your house.

Pour extra solution into your slow drains.  Flush toilet after applying product. Repeat every 2-3 days if needed.  Most slow drains and most bad odors will open in 1-2 treatments.  Very slow flowing drains may need more. If the product does not work, you may have physical obstructions, like towels, plastic, keys, toys, tree roots, etc and you will need to call a professional plumber.

For Best Results, apply at the end of the evening, or at a time of day where there is little water usage.  

Drainline Fizzytabs™ are strong, so treat your entire house!   If you only want to treat one drain, sink, shower, garbage disposal, or toilet, Mix one DL Fizzytab™ and pour in equal amounts daily, as long as needed.   Once mixed with water, use the solution within 1 month!  

Preventative Maintenance:  Now that Drainline Fizzytabs™ have opened the slow drains, and/or toilets, regular maintenance will prevent future problems.

Use one tablet per month,

and apply as directed above.


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